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German / Germany

Ich, Toft und der Geisterhund von Sandkas
(Me, Toft, and the ghost hound from Sandkas)

Freund, Wieland (text)
Kiss, Gergely (illus.)
Weinheim [et al.]: Beltz & Gelberg,
2014. – 181 p.
ISBN 978-3-407-82055-6

Island – Spook – Dog – Cat

The Storeborg on the island Sanka is haunted. A huge ghost hound is making trouble there. No one has actually seen the beast, but a few people have felt its sharp teeth sink into their flesh. So the police puts up a no-trespassing sign. But for Johan, who makes his living by renting out the parking lots, this means only one thing: empty coffers! And even the dog Toft and the cat Disse know what that signifies: No food. So to avoid miserable death by famine, they decide to find out the ghost hound. The suspenseful chase is narrated by Disse, which results – as would be expected for a cat – in a highly narcissistic, but rather funny account: When Disse’s self-image once more contrasts with her actions, readers will laugh themselves to tears. A fabulous read! (Age: 6+)