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Nur noch kurz die Ohren kraulen?
(Just one more little tickle?)

Mühle, Jörg (text/illus.)
Frankfurt am Main: Moritz, 2015. – [22] p.
ISBN 978-3-89565-300-1

Bedtime – Bedtime story – Picture book

Upon opening this book, readers see a bunny child with its back turned. “Tap him on the shoulder, maybe he will turn around then!”, the reader is advised. And indeed: On the next page, the little bunny happily looks the reader into the eyes – holding a tooth brush and a security pillow. Little bunny is supposed to go to bed, so he has to put on his pajamas, plump up his pillow, and be tickled between the ears. Not to forget the good-night-kiss. And who has to take care of all of that? Exactly: the reader! Jörg Mühle includes him or her in the story and cleverly simulates “real” interaction: Turning the page, for example, changes the bunny into pajamas – real cool! Thanks to this simple but ingenious trick, this book offers a surprising take on the genre of the bedtime story – not just for young bunnies and children, but also for adults reading the book to their sleepy offspring. (Age: 2+)