A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

German / Germany


Mohl, Nils (text)
Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt-Taschenbuch-Verl., 2014. – 199 p.
(Series: rororo; 21537: rororo Rotfuchs)
ISBN 978-3-499-21537-7

Suburb – Gender role – Role reversal – Sexuality 

Because he served his buddies alcohol-free beer instead of the real stuff in his makeshift party basement, Flo, Silvester, and Dimi make short shrift of him: They decide that Miguel has to join them out on the town passing as a girl until midnight. In the Club Chackabum a Miguel – aka perfectly styled Miguela – meets Candy, the woman of his secret dreams. Candy is together with Hengst (“Stallion”), but as a girl, Miguel suddenly can make unexpected advances. The evening takes many a surprising turn until the whole story ends in a spectacular showdown – true Quentin-Tarantino style. With his sex change, Miguel calls gender boundaries into question and for this one evening invents the story of Miguela. This uncovers the underlying theme of this book: storytelling itself. A mix of thriller, picaresque novel, comedy, and socio-critical novel, “Mogel” exhibits its literariness and the worth of storytelling. (Age: 14+)