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German / Germany

Gordon und Tapir
(Gordon and Tapir)

Meschenmoser, Sebastian (text/illus.)
Esslingen am Neckar: Esslinger, 2014. – 64 p.
ISBN 978-3-480-23189-8

Disorder – Communal residence – Friendship – Differentness

Sometimes it is better to part company to save a friendship. Especially if conflicting ideas of interior design and cleanliness make everyday life hazardous. This is what Gordon and Tapir end up realizing. The penguin and the tapir live together, but while Gordon appreciates spick-and-span minimalism, Tapir indulges in Dionysian, hedonistic excess, always using, for example, all of the toilet paper! No question that this is confrontation of two different worlds is doomed to fail. And because the two cannot find common ground, Gordon leaves and takes himself his own apartment – and soon after joins Tapir in the old one for a party that lasts long into the night… Sebastian Meschenmoser’s “Gordon und Tapir” is a book for all and without expiration date, because it can be read in the kid’s room with just as much profit as in student residences. (Age: 4+)