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Suchst du Streit?
(Are you looking for a fight?)

Teich, Karsten (text/illus.)
Rostock: Hinstorff, 2015. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-3-356-01896-7

Fight – Cowboy – Duel – Picture book

The showdown already starts on the cover: The cowboy is glaring at the reader, his hat pulled down tight, the eyes narrowed, spitting out the question: “Are you looking for a fight?” That’s not really what the reader is doing, but that is beside the point here. The no-name cowboy in Karsten Teich’s new picture book seems to be the mean brother of “Cowboy Klaus” from Teich’s popular eponymous series. But he isn’t half as clever as Klaus and soon proves to be a true featherbrain. It does not take much to outwit him, and the flabbergasted cowboy face speaks volumes when things turn out very differently than planned. This picture book, which cites the classic ingredients of the Western both for the setting – dusty road, shimmering heat – and the dramatic composition, relies strongly on the interaction with the reader. This interaction is facilitated by the clever choice of visual and narrative perspective. (Age: 4+)