A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

German / Austria

Kritzl & Klecks. Eine Entdeckungsreise ins Land des Zeichnens & Malens. [...]
(Doodle & Smudge. A voyage of discovery into the land of drawing & painting. [...])

Habinger, Renate / Ballhaus, Verena (text/illus.)
St. Pölten [et al.]: Residenz, 2014. – [46] p.
(Series: Nilpferd in Residenz)
ISBN 978-3-7017-2128-3

Drawing – Painting – Line – Area

Dot, dot, comma, dash – smiley face in a flash. The idea for this book did take a little longer, but when Mr. Doodle and Ms. Smudge made their appearance, everything came together. They are the protagonists of this playfully associative and highly informative compendium of the world of drawing and painting. They represent the basic elements of drawing and painting – Doodle stands for the line, Smudge for the area. Verena Ballhaus sketched and drew everything related to Mr. Doodle, while Renate Habinger rendered the world of Ms. Smudge in watercolour and ink – but both admit to occasional cheating and mixing the media. This story of their artistic production is part of the overall story, because that’s what the book is all about: To show how pictures take shape and how the choice of media – which pens? which paper? – and of technique – drawing or painting? – determine the character and effect of the picture. This is truly exciting, and readers will undoubtedly be inspired to experiment themselves! (Age: 4+)