A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

German / Austria

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Roher, Michael (text/illus.)
Wien: Luftschacht, 2015. – [28] p.
ISBN 978-3-902844-55-2

Circus – Imagination – Picture book

The circus is here! This news causes the narrator of this picture book to exclaim in excitement: “I want, no, I have to, oh please, may I go, / oh how I wish I was already there / in the tent, in the first row, lights out, applause, cheers, / Curtains rise, the show begins, / you will see, it will be fabulous!” He is an endless fountain of ideas, his imagination knows no bounds. The little narrator comes up with ever more fantastic things that could be seen in the circus: a cat choir, jumping cows, and a juggling act with toilet brushes all make their appearance on his imaginary circus stage. Michael Roher has accompanied the high-spirited rhyming word cascades with illustrations in temperate colours and full of detail. Rather than opting for the bright and gleeful end of the sprectrum, Roher highlights his black-white-grey drawings, which are in turn naturalistic, in turn surreal, with the occasional red detail. While the subdued colours and the filigree stroke create a contrast to the text, the intricate composition picks up on its exuberance. (Age: 4+)