A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Frisian / The Netherlands (Friesland)

In nije heit
(A new dad)

Wadman, Thys (text)
Jong, Gerrit de (illus.)
Ljouwert: Afûk, 2014. – 95 p.
ISBN 978-90-6273-454-2

Father / Son – Car

Gerke knows – in detail – everything there is to know about cars. His mum always tests him, but he never fails. One night, however, as mum puts him to bed, he feels it is his turn to ask a question. He wants to know whether he can ask for a new dad for his birthday. Gerke believes that he hasn’t been very lucky with the dad who is sitting downstairs in the living room. His father doesn’t like playing soccer, is not interested in cars and all he ever seems to do is go fishing. His mother promises she will give this strange question some serious consideration. On Gerke’s birthday, a strange man called Harm is waiting for him at breakfast and his own father has disappeared. At first Gerke is rather happy with Harm, but after a while he realises that he misses his “former” dad and starts looking for him. This is Thys Wadman’s second children’s novel, after writing some reading materials for elementary schools. His first children’s novel was awarded the Simke Kloosterman prize in 2013. (Age: 10+)