A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

French / Switzerland

Tu grimpes drôlement bien aux arbres!
(You climb trees pretty good!)

Härri, Silvia (text)
Pieropan, Cristina (illus.)
Genève: Éditions Notari,
2015. – [28] p.
(Series: L’ oiseau sur le rhino)
ISBN 978-2-940408-93-1

Moving – City – Foreignness – Picture book

When Benjamin’s father accepts a new job, the boy finds the family’s move from country to city a difficult imposition, connected as it is with parting and giving up his familiar surroundings. The family moves into an apartment on the top floor of a high-rise. Benjamin takes no pleasure from the unfamiliar bird’s eye view of the world, i.e. “from above”. His first days in the new school also seem bleak and nasty. Why bother even stepping out the door? After long hesitation, he does head out of the house again and discovers to his amazement that the concrete desert, which was so confusing before now offers up new encounters, contrasting worlds and surprises. He makes new friends and discovers a circus. This is young Genevan author’s Sivia Härri first children’s book. The carefully told story of the protagonist’s gradual adjustment to an unfamiliar place is illustrated by Christina Pieropan with peaceful, large-format, coloured etchings. (Age: 6+)