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French / France

À Paris
(In Paris)

Bădescu, Ramona (text)
Jolivet, Joëlle (illus.)
Paris: Éd. des Grandes personnes, 2014. – [36] p.
(Series: Les Grandes personnes)
ISBN 978-2-36193-347-0

Paris – Architecture – Point of interest – City tour – Picture book – Non-fiction

Paris! Illustrator Joëlle Jolivet plays on the cosmopolitan city’s beautiful appearance, its wonderfully theatrical facades, its grandiose and filigreed architecture, its self-fashioning as the “City of Lights”. With a sense for the essential and a love of detail, she and author Ramona Bădescu escort their readers on a short tour through the French capital (Careful! The city map is cleverly hidden!). They show places that incorporate the magic of Paris and have often inspired art, literature, and film: the cafés (like the Café de la Mosquée), the bridges and banks of the Seine, various neighbourhoods such as the 13th and 18th arrondissement that have their own flair, the movie theatres, the Saint Martin canal and much more. Joëlle Jolivet lives and works in Paris and loves and knows her city well. Her marvellous prints in black and white not only show the facade of the metropolis, but also reveal the confident perspective of the insider who knows the life behind it all. (Age: 8+)