A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

French / France

La chambre du lion
(The lion’s chamber)

Parlange, Adrien (text/illus.)
Paris: Albin Michel Jeunesse, 2014. – 30 p.
ISBN 978-2-226-20732-6

Lion – Curiosity – Fear – Hiding – Picture book

The lion has gone out. In his absence, his mysterious chamber draws many curious visitors: One after the other, children and animals enter and look around, and at the smallest sound, they hide themselves from supposed approaching danger. It is not the lion who appears, though, but the next visitor. Gradually, the room fills with new shapes. Objects change their location. When the lion returns home, even he finds this irritating and worrisome. He hears a sudden noise and hides himself under a blanket. The big scaredy cat will never find out that it was only a mouse looking for a place to sleep. The retro-minimalist pictorial compositions of Adrien Parlange draw on the playful potential of repetition. The punch line of the story – that it’s just the smallest animals (spider and mouse) who move about the seemingly sacrosanct lion’s den the most confidently – will amuse children and adults alike. (Age: 5+)