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French / France

Dans les yeux du loup
(In the eyes of the wolf)

Laroche, Agnès (text)
Fronty, Aurélia (illus.)         
Paris: Kilowatt, 2014. – [28] p.
ISBN 978-2-917045-26-8

Princess – Wolf – Gaze – Friendship –
Fairy tale – Picture book

When the princess follows the voice of a wolf in the forest, she wants to kill the beautiful animal, to offer it to the king as a gift. But the wolf defends itself and wins the upper hand. Instead of killing the princess, he looks her in the eye, recognises her real character and spares her. The princess, however, is not so easily dissuaded from her plan; she next tries to bring the predatory beast to the king’s court alive. Only when she meets the gaze of the wolf “Other” does she realise how special he is and how offensiveness her plan was. So in the end she befriends the proud animal and they undertake a joint journey into the unknown. This richly allusive short fairy tale from young, independent publisher Kilowatt is captivating, especially paired with Aurélia Fronty’s illustrations. Her mysterious images echo dream sequences and accompany Agnès Laroche’s poetic, partially rhyming text. (Age: 8+)