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French / France

Belle gueule de bois
(Quite a hangover)

Deschavannes, Pierre (text)
[Rodez]: Rouergue, 2014. – 60 p.
(Series: DoAdo)
ISBN 978-2-8126-0682-3

Father / Son – Alcoholism – Addiction

After his parents’ divorce, fifteen-year-old Pierre moves back in with his drug-addicted, alcoholic father, who lives a reclusive life in the mountains. Pierre feels responsible for his father, but living together with this rebel, who in the best of times is certainly fascinating, caring if also unstable, he begins to feel overwhelmed. He neglects schoolwork and fights against the growing chasm of his own possible failure, before his life has really begun. Pierre’s supports are his writing and his classmate Omar, who respects and understands the special poignancy of this father-son relationship. The story, grim yet at once intensely positive, ends at the point when the first-person narrator’s self-help really begins. This autobiographical debut novel of the young author from Lyon is an auspicious promise of more to come. (Age: 14+)