A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

French / Canada (Québec)

Le voleur de sandwichs
(The sandwich thief)

Marois, André (text)
Doyon, Patrick (illus.)
Montréal: Éd. de La Pastèque, 2014. – [164] p.
ISBN 978-2-923841-26-7

School – Theft – Subterfuge

On Monday Marin and his growling stomach rush excitedly into the school day’s lunch recess. But who has made off with the tasty sandwich his mother whipped up for him that morning? Its theft is not an isolated event, but rather repeats itself on subsequent days of the week. Becoming more and more irate, Marin decides he’s had enough of the forced diet! He applies all of his detective knowledge to uncover the guilty party. The whole school seems filled with suspicious characters! Could the thief even be his friend Robin or a teacher who’s fed up with teaching? Aided by his mother’s culinary panache, Marin pursues his investigations and in the end catches the guilty person red-handed. André Marois’s funny detective story from the wild world of everyday school life is especially entertaining because of illustrator Patrick Doyon’s wonderful sense for situation comedy (Age: 8+)