A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

French / Belgium

Un jour Moineau
(A Sparrow day)

Herbauts, Anne (text/illus.)
[Bruxelles et al.]: Casterman, 2014. – [32] p.
(Series: Les Albums Casterman)
ISBN 978-2-203-08042-3

Cobbler – Giant – Redemption – Picture book 

Matin jumps from bed and gets dressed. The open window lets in forest rustlings, and in the trees hang many little bird’s boots, which he must repair that day. Why can he not leave his house and the cobbler’s workshop, though? In front of his door lies an enormous stone, which is actually an unconscious female giant. What to do? Matin follows the magical messages whispered by the rooms and objects in his house, and in the end manages to sit the sleeping giantess upright and save her from her great sorrow. Anne Herbauts achieves a slight graphic destabilisation in this picture book by daring to represent the “Mal-dessiné”, the unpleasant, dissonant and experimental. She leaves some little riddles in the clever text open – as escape routes – and relies on the curiosity and combinatory cleverness of young readers to solve them after examining the pictures. (Age: 3+)