A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

French / Belgium

La louve
(The she-wolf)

Beauvais, Clémentine (text)
Déprez, Antoine (illus.)
Bruxelles: Alice éd., 2014. – [44] p.
(Series: Alice jeunesse) (Histoires comme ça)
ISBN 978-2-87426-213-5

Girl – Wolf – Transformation – Curse –
Fairy tale 

One cold winter, a father kills a wolf pup to make a warm coat for his little daughter Lucie. The wolf’s mother, a she-wolf with magic powers, places a life-threatening curse on Lucie in retribution: If she does not get her wolf pup back, Lucie dies. While the adults capitulate after drawn-out and fruitless talk, Lucie’s friends hatch a plan. Their brave friend, the orphan-girl Romane, will dress up as a wolf pup and save Lucie’s life. The wolf mother is not so easily fooled, however. As Romane grows more at ease in her new role, she undergoes an imperceptible transformation, which in the end gives her a new identity, a new freedom, and a new family. The sometimes grim text of Clémentine Beauvais, which retells a Russian fairytale, is accompanied by Antoine Déprez’s balanced and pretty illustrations. (Age: 9+)