A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Finnish / Finland

Topin nokinenäpäivä
(Topi’s sooty day)

Király, Réka / Maijala, Marika (text/illus.)
Helsinki: WSOY, 2014. – [24] p.
ISBN 978-951-0-40380-8

Cat – Visitor – Disorder – Chaos –
Picture book

Topi the cat is expecting guests. Lupo the dog and Emil the worm have announced that they will visit. Everything must shine and sparkle for guests, so Topi catches the cleaning bug. She turns the whole house upside down, but for some reason nothing goes quite as planned: The oven is sooty and not getting cleaner, then Topi knocks off the marmalade jars when she tries to clean the basement. Ah! Lupo and Emil are suddenly standing at the door, and Topi must greet them with a sooty nose and blueberry marmalade in her fur. This doesn’t ruffle the guests, though, and the three of them spend a lovely evening together, sitting on the roof and playing music. This cardboard picture book offers a charming mixture of slapstick, distinct colours and shapes as well as playful cut-outs that emphasize the progress of the story and open up new insights and views when one turns the pages. (Age: 3+)