A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

English / Australia

Pandora Jones. Admission

Jonsberg, Barry (text)
Sydney [et al.]: Allen & Unwin, 2014. – 303 p.
ISBN 978-1-74331-811-9

Pandemic – Survival – Manipulation – Trust – Dystopia

“It took slightly under eight hours for Melbourne to die.” Volume 1 of Barry Jonsberg’s new dystopian trilogy “Pandora Jones” starts with a bang that immediately arouses the readers’ curiosity. The eponymous heroine is allegedly one of only a few thousand survivors of a worldwide pandemic. When she wakes up in a strange hospital, her memory of the catastrophe is riddled with holes and she has trouble to distinguish between her nightmares and the weird new real life. During the following weeks at The School, an isolated quarantined camp, Pandora and the other teenagers are drilled in survival techniques and encouraged to hone their individual talents. Soon however, Pandora’s suspicion grows that something is fishy and no one can be trusted. Using a fast-paced third-person narration and a cast of believable characters, Jonsberg has created a page-turner full of suspense and gory details that surprises readers with one shocking revelation after the next and raises more questions than it answers. (Age: 14+)