A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Dutch / The Netherlands

Sneeuwwitje breit een monster
(Snow White knits a monster)

Haeringen, Annemarie van (text/illus.)
Amsterdam: Leopold, 2014. – [28] p.
ISBN 978-90-258-6660-0

Monster – Imagination – Fairy tale –
Picture book

  1. Snow White the goat happily knits all kind of things, such as goat-wool socks. But one day cuddly little goat kids begin to slide from her knitting needles. Mrs. Sheep visits Snow White and is not very happy with her work. A little bit confused, Snow White knits a wolf, who eats Mrs. Sheep. Just in time, Snow White hides in a closet, where she quickly has to knit up an even more dangerous creature to take care of the wolf. This story contains playful allusions to fairytales. When Snow White knits goat kids, there are seven of them, just like in the story by the Brothers Grimm, and the door of the closet looks a lot like the grandfather clock in the tale and nursery rhymes. The illustrations contain a lot of humour and are drawn with plenty of movement and in well-chosen colours. Annemarie van Haeringen has created a picture book full of exciting monsters, so that young readers can safely enjoy a good scare. This story about the power of imagination offers the comforting message that whatever you make up, you can also undo. (Age: 4+)