A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Dutch / The Netherlands

(Washed away)

Samson, Gideon (text)
Amsterdam: Querido, 2014. – 173 p.
(Series: Slash; 12)
ISBN 978-90-451-1643-3

Sri Lanka / 2005 – Tsunami – Trauma

On 11 July, 2010 Pieter (twenty-three years old) is watching the Football World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain when he receives a friendship request on Facebook from Elin, a Swedish girl. This catapults him five and half years back into the past to a period of voluntary work in Sri Lanka, when he spent the best Christmas Eve of his life with Elin, on the beach, in the waves. The next morning, that same sea devastated coastal areas across Asia. This compelling young-adult novel is based on the experiences of Julius ’t Hart, a young Dutchman who survived the tsunami of over ten years ago. What makes this book so great is that it not only presents a gripping account of the disaster, but also a sensitive and believable portrait of a student who is determined to forget, but ultimately can’t run away from what happened. Gideon Samson, one of the most talented young writers in the Netherlands, tells the story with clarity, honesty and an authentic narrative voice. (Age: 16+)