A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Dutch / The Netherlands

Hotel De Grote L
(The Big L Hotel)

Kuyper, Sjoerd (text)
Rotterdam: Lemniscaat, [2014]. – 228 p.
ISBN 978-90-477-0542-0

Hotel – Family – Honesty – Beauty contest 

Things haven’t been going well at the hotel since Kos’s mum died, and his father has just had a heart attack. Kos and his three sisters have to run the hotel. But how can you manage this when you have to go to school at the same time? How can you pay off a big loan when you have hardly any paying guests? Even the name of the hotel is not yet finished: they only got as far as the letter L. As the hotel’s financial problems worsen, there’s only one option: winning the local beauty contest. Kos, disguised as a girl, takes part in the contest and ends up in the final with his beloved Isabel. Even though these events may appear comical to readers, in the end this great novel is all about honesty, loving one another and daring to be oneself. In 2012 Sjoerd Kuyper was awarded the Theo Thijssen Prize (Dutch state prize for the oeuvre of a children’s book author). Many of his books have been turned into films, including this one, which will be seen in movie theatres next year. (Age: 11+)