A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Dutch / Belgium (Flanders)

Wat zit er in die kist?
(What’s in the box?)

Gaudesaboos, Pieter (text/illus.)
Tielt: Lannoo, [2014]. – [28] p.
ISBN 978-94-014-1863-8

Vehicle – Animals – Secret – Imagination – Picture book 

 big box has to be transported by plane to a ship that will transport it to another place. The pilot of the plane wonders what the content of this mysterious, very heavy box could be. The captain of the ship wonders this, too. He thinks it might contain an elephant, and thus the box is carefully brought into the hold of the ship. The box is broken during a storm, but in the box there’s another box. And so the box continues its trip by train, bus, car, bicycle … and every time there is an accident with the box, and then a smaller box appears. In the end, the postman delivers a small box to a girl and the mystery is solved. In this oblong picture book the author and illustrator tells the story in plain words, repeating the question “What’s in the box?”. Everybody thinks of all kinds of animals, but as the box becomes smaller and smaller, it turns out to be something different. The illustrations, in basic colours and designed in a graphic way, flow one into the other, forming one long illustration. (Age: 4+)