A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Dutch / Belgium (Flanders)


De Doncker, Wally (text)
Devos, Kristof (illus.)
Leuven: Davidsfonds Infodok, 2015. – 96 p.
ISBN 978-90-5908-624-1

Shadow – Identity – Metamorphosis – Philosophy

Lars, a very imaginative boy, becomes friends with his own shadow. They have philosophical conversations together, although nobody else can hear them. This sometimes causes uncomfortable situations. At full moon they change, and the shadow becomes Lars and Lars turns into his own shadow. The mother of Lars realises there must be something wrong, because Lars is no longer the Lars she knows. As soon as possible, Lars and his shadow take their own places again. Using expressive language, Wally De Doncker tells a simple story in which the conversations between the protagonist and his shadow play the leading role. During the conversations, fundamental issues about life are discussed. The sensitive illustrations fit very well with the dream-like atmosphere of the text. The story encourages young readers to think about central themes in our world without offering them concrete, final answers. In this sense, the author understands his book to be a stimulating starting point for ongoing conversation. (Age: 9+)