A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Danish / Greenland

Homo sapienne. Roman
(Homo sapienne. A novel)

Korneliussen, Niviaq (text/transl.)
Nuussuaq: Milik, 2014. – 184 p.
ISBN 978-87-92790-45-3
(Greenlandic original title: Homo sapienne. Oqaluttualiaq. [Nuuk]: Milik, 2014)

Adolescence – Search for identity – Sexuality

“Homo sapienne” appeared in Greenland and Denmark simultaneously and received much attention in both places. The protagonists in this novel are homosexual or bisexual. They feel they are in the wrong bodies and experience their sexuality as problematic and painful due to externally imposed cultural norms. Some succeed in accepting themselves and having fulfilling relationships, others not. The poly-perspectival structure of the novel goes beyond these individual levels, however, by making five young Greenlanders’ search for sexual identity into a symbol for a society in transition. Traditional norms appear obsolete and questionable, but the pluralism of a modern society is for many just as demanding. Young author Niviaq Korneliussen portrays the characters’ conflicts and psychological suffering as well as their lived sexuality openly and sometimes drastically, while preserving a sensitivity and loyalty to them. An impressive debut! (Age: 16+)