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Danish / Denmark

Kings of Jutland. En krimikomedie
(Kings of Jutland. A comic crime novel)

Ringtved, Glenn (text)
[København]: Gyldendal, 2014. – 204 p.
ISBN 978-87-021-5673-7

Rural life – City – Football – Bank theft – Escape – Crime fiction

In Denmark, the Jutes are thought of as country bumpkins and village idiots, and the “Kings of Jutland” – Skipper, Ronny and Bo – do more than live up to this reputation. Not the sharpest tools in the shed, they go from bad to worse luck. These three fervent football fans are upset by the miserable achievements of their favoured Aalborg Club, and their plan to get money goes quite awry (bank theft!). They still end up with a suitcase full of money, and now have tough East Europeans on their tail. An escape abroad seems the only option, but the three dopes only make it to Copenhagen – which for an Aalborger might be very exotic. Glenn Ringtved, who is from Aalborg (and has a taste for self-deprecation), has written a very oddball gangster comedy that milks every gag and throws political correctness out the window – how very, very refreshing! (Age: 14+)