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Proč obrazy nepotřebují názvy
(Why artworks don’t need labels)

Horák, Ondřej (text)
Franta, Jiří (illus.)
Praha: Labyrint, 2014. – [103] p.
(Series: Raketa)
ISBN 978-80-86803-28-9

Art – Art history / 19th-21st centuries – Theft – Picture book 

Visiting the art museum with children and keeping them interested is not the easiest of tasks. In this multiple award-winning book, artists Ondřej Horák (b. 1976) and Jiří Franta (b. 1978) show why art is a devilishly exciting affair. They answer difficult questions, such as how to recognise a good artwork. They also explain the many “isms” and artistic traditions in straight-forward, witty and catchy ways, for instance by cubistically carving up a protagonist in the book, colouring him expressionistically or re-shaping him surrealistically. This expert survey of art is presented in comic-form and organised around a grandparent and child visiting a gallery together, an event that culminates in the theft of Malevič’s “Black Square”. Packed with countless references to art icons – Monet’s “Sunrise”, Duchamp’s “Fountain”, Banksy’s “Girl with a Balloon” – and many other details about artists, artworks or famous art thefts, “Proč obrazy” is a fabulous book about art history. (Age: 9+)