A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Croatian / Croatia

Jan Vjetroviti
(Jan Windy)

Petrlik Huseinović, Andrea (text/illus.)
Zagreb: Kašmir promet, 2014. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-953-301-065-6

Lack of concentration – Symbol – Sense of self-worth – Picture book

This picture book explores how a child with concentration problems risks collapsing under academic and parental pressures. The work contains more open space and typographic diversity than previous works by Andrea Petrlik Huseinović. In the story, Jan is a “good boy” but cannot meet the expectations placed on him. He is often lost in his thoughts and escapes to fantasy worlds. His numbers and letters become increasingly illegible, betraying his growing suffering under external pressures. A turning point is reached when Jan begins to express his feelings in drawings, which seem somewhat crude to his teacher and parents. For Jan, however, they provide the means to find his way back to a content everyday life. His performance in school gradually improves, he receives praise and enjoys new-found self-awareness. (Age: 3+)