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Mian po po shui bu zhao
(Granny Mian couldn’t sleep)

Liao, Xiaoqin (text)
Zhu, Chengliang (illus.)
Ji nan: Ming tian chu ban she (Tomorrow Publishing House), 2014. – 32 p.
(Series: Xin yi tu hua shu jiang xi lie = Xinyi Picture Book Award Series)
ISBN 978-7-5332-8211-0

Love – Old age – Grandparents – Picture book

t is late at night. Granny Mian lies on the bed, counting sheep to lull herself to sleep. However, there is always something that keeps her awake. So she gets up to fuss with a flower pot, fix a creaking door bolt, secure an old mug, boil the kettle on the stove, and add more straw to warm the doghouse up… Her figure stirs the silence of the night, until in the heavy darkness Grandpa Mian returns. He had been out visiting and comes home just in time for a mug of hot tea. The narrator never tries to explain why Granny Mian is sleepless, but each of her actions points to the real reason. Zhu Chengliang’s illustrations vividly convey the warmth of this seasoned love. The picture book won the 5th Hsin-Yi Foundation Picture Book Award for Best Writing. (Age: 4+)