A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Chinese / People's Rep. of China

Tai yang xiao shi hou shi ge nan hai
(The sun was once a little boy)

Li, Shanshan (text)
Cheng du: Si chuan shao nian er tong chu ban she (Sichuan Children’s Publishing House), 2015. – 168 p.
(Series: Li wu Li Shanshan huo jiang shu xi)
ISBN 978-7-5365-6070-3

Creativity – Innocence – Poetry 

The poems selected for inclusion in this poetry collection for children are mostly inspired by the author’s son, according to the author’s foreword. Whenever her little boy expressed a poetic idea, the mother listened and wove it into a poem. His utterances brought up the wholehearted joys of childhood as well as the tender sorrows underpinning it. The simple verses are filled with a child’s naive creativity, which might rarely be found in a grown-up’s mind. Though most of the poems are just descriptions of a child’s everyday life, they have a particular power that touches one deeply. Born in the 1980s, Li Shanshan’s talent for writing for young children is drawing the attention of critics. (Age: 3+)