A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Bulgarian / Bulgaria


Jakova, T. Jana (text/illus.)
Plovdiv: Žanet 45, 2014. – 146 p.
ISBN 978-619-186-068-5

Cat – Society – City life

Cats form their own special independent society. This holds true in “Lapi” (Paws) by Teodora Jana Jakova (b. 1978). A feline community resides in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, hidden from human notice. Chic cat ladies Violeta and Marijana saunter through the streets, aristocratic and self-important tom cat Monti always knows the best restaurants with the most delectable left-overs, and the “No Name” cat that everyone knows loves to take in the nocturnal view of the city from the roof of a high-rise. Young cats are taught about life on the street. They chase the “Golden Sausage” and hold their ground in petty feuds and big debates. Watercolour illustrations make these humorous and charming glimpses into the world of cats come to life and bear witness to the proximity of the feline and human worlds. “Lapi” is the first book by author Jana Jakova and was nominated for the Bulgarian children’s jury award “Magic Pearls” in 2015. (Age: 10+)