A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Arabic / Palestine

Muḏkkrat talmīḏ ibtad'īa (Muzakkrat talmiz ebteda´iye)
(Diary of a pupil)

Ǧumʿa, Ḫālīd (Juma, Khaled) (text)
Qawārīq, ʿAbdallāh (Qavariq, Abdallah) (illus.)
Ramallah: Tamar (Tamer), 2015. – [52] p.
ISBN 978-9950-26-050-4

School – Pressure to perform –
Parents / Child – Fictitious diary 

As Husain’s school exams draw closer, his parents put him under permanent pressure, almost as if he had to master a university degree in medicine. He finds some consolation and a retreat in his diary, where he can give free rein to his thoughts, anger, and dissatisfaction. He writes about things that keep bothering and worrying him, as well as occurrences from his everyday life. One day, for example, he is annoyed that his mind went completely blank in one of his exams, even though he had studied intensively with his father. Another day he ponders the question of why his mother doesn’t ever cook the traditional Palestinian meal Maqluba and why she avoids explaining it to him. Since 1996, Khaled Juma (b. 1965) has published numerous children’s books. In his latest work, he uses his writer’s skill and sensitivity to get into the head of his writer-protagonist Husain, who struggles with the pressure to perform well at school and with the family’s humble means. (Age: 8+)