Ukrainian / Ukraine

Lisova pisnja. Dramafejerija v 3-ch dijach
(Forest song. A fairy-tale drama in three acts)

Dorošenko, Polina (illus.)
Kyïv: Osnovy, 2014. – 151 p.
ISBN 978-966-500-350-2

Love | Fate | Forest | Fairy tale | Mythology | Drama | Folklore

Lukaš, a human boy, and Mavka, a forest nymph, love each other yet can’t be together. Lukaš’s family and some forest beings scheme to destroy the delicate bond between the two. The result is that Mavka sacrifices herself and dies. This Romeo and Juliet story originated in 1911 and is one of the best known dramas in the Ukraine, written by Lesja Ukrainka (1871-1913), one of the country’s most loved classical poets. ≫Forest Song≪ is interwoven with motifs from Ukrainian folk songs and fairy tales.

Osnovy Press offers this new illustrated edition for children and adolescents. The expressive collagebased illustrations by Polina Dorošenko (b. 1989) invite new access to the classic text. They make the story’s dramatic content and its fairytale aspects both visible and felt. (Age: 12+)