Swedish / Sweden

Ska vi va?
(What should we do?)

Lindenbaum, Pija (text/illus.)
Stockholm: Rabén & Sjögren, 2013. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-91-29-68719-4

Autonomy | Community | Friendship

Pija Lindenbaum’s new picture book is about the desires for independence and autonomy on the one hand and for community and variety on the other.

Energetic Berit is always on to go – usually over to Flisan’s. Flisan is frazzled by Berit’s hyperactivity, though, and wants to play alone. She manages to give Berit the slip several times. Berit is not easily deflated but at a certain point she stops coming over – and Flisan finds herself listening for Berit’s knock on the door… Lindenbaum’s pictures express her character’s thoughts and feelings. For example, when four Berits are depicted dancing around Flisan, we know that Flisan is feeling overwhelmed. The protagonists’ expressive gestures also reveal their moods. Lindenbaum’s master ability to transcribe everyday events in children’s lives into lively literary form has earned her multiple awards at home and abroad. (Age: 4+)