Swedish / Sweden

Snöret, fågeln och jag
(Little String, the bird and me)

Karlsson, Ellen (text)
Lindström, Eva (illus.)
Stockholm: Hippo Bokförlag, 2013. – 117 p.
ISBN 978-91-87033-09-4

Summer holiday | Friendship | Self-confidence | Grandparents

Debut author Ellen Karlsson here pairs up with Eva Lindstrom, a ≫grande dame≪ of Swedish illustration, to create a first-class children’s novel. The story revolves around Selma and her nagging self-doubt. Some people have devils on their shoulders; Selma has a bird in her chest, who is always pecking away at her, always chiding her: ≫You have no best friend.≪ Then, during summer holidays, Selma meets self-confident, care free Snoret. Selma recounts in a coherent and believable way how her admiration for Snoret gradually developed into friendship on an equal plane. The story is accompanied by Eva Lindstrom’s pictures, whose slightly awkward line emphasises the imperfect and inhibits the saccharine. Marvellous!

The novel was published by newcomer Hippo Press, which promises to follow the lead of Selma and Snoret, whose story won the 2013 Augustpris. The sequel, ≫En fi sk som heter Fabian≪ (A fi sh called Fabian), is already in
book stores. (Age: 6+)