Swedish / Sweden

Om detta talar man endast med kaniner
(Only talk to rabbits about that)

Höglund, Anna (text/illus.)
Stockholm: Lilla Piratförlaget, 2013. – [56] p.
ISBN 978-91-87027-49-9

Search of identity | Outsider | Parents / Child | Animal story

≫I entered the world / on a spring day thirteen years ago / I regretted it almost immediately.≪ These opening lines set up a perspective very different from the parental view. A family photo shows a little rabbit squeezed between a father facing toward it and a mother facing away from it. The more the rabbit grows up, the more torn it feels. It wants to belong, but it is also repelled by the way others behave. It finally finds solace in the fact that it is always somehow part of the bigger picture: ≫Today I realised that everything belongs together.≪

Using terse language and illustrations that quote from various pictorial traditions and artists, such as Biblical storythemed tableaux and the painter Edward Hopper, Anna Hoglund recreates a child’s experience of crisis in an accurate and unsettling way. (Age: 12+)