Swedish / Sweden

Maximilian och Minimilian
(Maximilian and Minimilian)

Persson, Klara (text/illus.)
Stockholm: Urax, 2013. – [28] p.
ISBN 978-91-87208-05-8

Contrast | Switch | Friendship

One is little, the other big, and yet they are the best of friends. Even though Minimilian only gets things in miniature form – like a small portion of ice cream –, Maximilian is the one who is tired of towering over everyone. He wants to reverse the relationship, but everything that Minimilian and Maximilian try doesn’t quite work – until they come up with a trick… The story’s surprising punchline capitalizes on perspectival shift s and disrupting perceptual illusion.

Klara Persson draws on these to expose one’s expectations and habits of perception. Her book’s big-and-small theme will appeal to young readers. Persson (b. 1985) studied at the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and is among the promising new generation of Swedish illustrators. Her book was nominated for the Augustpris in 2013. It was published by newcomer Urax Press, noted for its ambitious picture book program. (Age: 4+)