Spanish / Spain

El único y verdadero rey del bosque
(The true and only king of the forest)

Barrenetxea, Iban (text/illus.)
[Barcelona]: A Buen Paso, 2013. – 71 p.
ISBN 978-84-941579-1-2

Cunning | Fairy tale | Animal story

Siblings Jaska, Kaspar, and Masia live in a big birch wood. Bossy Masia wants her brothers, who are neither bright nor brave, to procure her a fur stole to impress Pekka the miller and to make Frigga the washerwoman green with envy. The white fox is to bite the dust, but Jaska and Kaspar prove to be incompetent hunters, and the ≫true and only king of the forest≪ is much too clever for all of them. The increasingly tumultuous plot ends with these players on stage: a smug fox, a duped king, a newlywed shrew and two relieved brothers.

Iban Barrenetxea, illustrator of several magnificent books prior to this one, reveals himself to be a gift ed author, too. In this humorous, absurd, and sophisticated story, he plays gracefully and eloquently with tropes of European folk tales. The bright, elegant, minutely detailed illustrations lend the text much magic. This book will entertain younger and older readers alike. (Age: 8+)