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Prohibido leer a Lewis Carroll
(It is forbidden to read Lewis Carroll)

Arboleda, Diego (text)
Sagospe, Raúl (illus.)
Madrid: Anaya, 2013. – 205 p.
ISBN 978-84-678-4012-4

Alice in Wonderland | Nonsense literature

A young Frenchwoman is hired as a private tutor by a New York family in 1932. She is given the task of curbing the wild enthusiasm that Alice, the daughter, has for Lewis Carroll’s Alice, and to prevent the girl from finding out that the ≫real≪ Alice, the now eighty-year-old Alice Liddell, is visiting the city. The plan is duly derailed, not least because Mademoiselle Chignon turns out to be highly talented at turning her surroundings into a cheery chaos.

Diego Arboleda’s novel is about ≫Alice in Wonderland≪, but it is also created very much in the spirit of the famous classic. The highly entertaining story is full of curious characters, crazy situations, and a healthy dose of nonsense. The language is elegant and playful. The narrative pace and well-timed tempo changes are compelling. The light stroke of Raul Sagospe’s numerous colourful illustrations and the cartoonish characters he depicts therein suit the text well. The text won the renowned Premio Lazarillo. (Age: 10+)