Spanish / Spain

(Little Thumb)

Ranaldi, Giovanna (illus.)
Rodríguez Almodóvar, Antonio (afterword)
[Valencia]: Milimbo, 2013. – [20] p., 1 poster
+ 1 fi gurine – ISBN 978-84-940219-1-6
(Retold in pictures after Charles Perrault)
(Spanish and French afterword)

Poverty | Siblings | Ogre | Cunning | Fairy tale | Textless book

Milimbo Press has published several exceptional picture books in a short amount of time. They represent exquisite book art, experimenting with different graphic designs, formats, and choices of printing paper. At the centre of the publishing program are well-known fairy tales by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

Except for the foreword and aft erword, the stories are told exclusively in pictures, including this version of ≫Little Thumb≪, laid out in a narrow horizontal format. Roman-born illustrator Giovanna Ranaldi captures the gloomy, violent mood of Perrault’s tale well by keeping to a black, white, and grey palette and adding occasional expressive red accents. The drastically simplified and abstracted pictures do not recount the plot in a traditional way, but focus instead on symbolising key moments and motifs in a more figurative way. This is a fascinating picture book for all ages. (Age: 5+)