Spanish / Spain


Murguía, Verónica (text)
Madrid: Ed. SM, 2013. – 507 p.
(Series: Gran Angular)
ISBN 978-84-675-5193-8

Magic | Love | Revenge | Fantasy novel

This gripping fantasy novel is the work of Mexican author Veronica Murguia, who often draws on myths, legends, and medieval materials in her books.

≫Loba≪, which won the ≫Premio Gran Angular≪, is a tale of two very different realms: Moriana, the land of the brutal, revengeful king Lobo, and Alosna, the realm of the wizards. At the centre of the plot are Lobo’s daughter Soledad and the young wizard’s apprentice Cuervo. Murguia possesses confident mastery over the repertoire of classic fantasy novels – the supernatural, magic, battle, violence, hatred, loyalty, and of course love –, without overusing genre stereotypes. Her characters are lively, individual, and complex, as in the case of the two protagonists, who do not quite fit the usual image of princesses and wizards. The countries and the social and political structures that form the backdrop of the story are also described vividly and in detail. 500 pages of suspenseful reading. (Age: 13+)