Spanish / Mexico

Tortugas en el espacio de papel
(Turtles in paper space)

Marín, Manuel (text/design)
Zapopan, Jalisco: Petra Ed. [et al.], 2013.
– 29 p.
+ 8 sheets of paper
ISBN 978-607-7646-42-6
(Coedition with CONACULTA –
ISBN 978-607-516-345-1)

Shape | Space | Geometry | Turtle | Paper art | Non-fiction

Petra Ediciones works at the intersection of literature and the visual arts, of book and artwork. The award-winning publisher characteristically links text and image, typography and layout very carefully, so that every title carries a unique signature. Manuel Marin – painter, sculptor, art theorist – published two portfolios with paper animals at Petra Ediciones, and here offers yet another original work.

For ≫Tortugas en el espacio de papel≪, he created turtles out of paper, painted them and photographed them. Th ey are not realistically constructed, emphasising shape, colour and line instead. Space and shape are the book’s real topics, it’s all about concave bodies, convex bodies, and surface structures, a fact that is revealed both in the paper turtle sculptures themselves as well as in the book’s imaginative typography. Readers are invited to embark on a fascinating expedition, at whose conclusion they, too, can become turtle creators with the help of eight enclosed folding papers. (Age: 8+)