Spanish / Guatemala

Alas para Olga
(Wings for Olga)

Nájera, Rubén E. (text)
Singer, Irene (illus.)
Guatemala: Amanuense Ed., 2014. – [44] p.
ISBN 978-9929-633-05-6

Imagination | Creativity | Storytelling | Needlework

Two experiences are etched into little Olga’s memory: paper dragons flapping over a marketplace, and her grandmother’s embroidery. Fascinated by these artfully worked textiles, Olga wants to express her ideas and imagination. She wants to tell a story, but she has to find one first! So she heads out – in her dream or in reality, who knows? – and meets a mysterious old lady. The latter weaves a piece of fabric and makes Olga a huipil from it (a traditional loosefitting tunic worn by women in Central America), which contains countless stories.

Ruben Najera tells a poetic story about imagination and creativity, love of discovery and storytelling, while also weaving in interesting facts about traditional textile arts in Guatemala. The paper textures and the delicately applied, shining and diaphanous water colours of Irene Singer’s illustrations are enchanting. They wonderfully recreate the story’s dreamy, fairytalelike atmosphere. (Age: 4+