Spanish / Colombia

Gabo. Memorias de una vida mágica
(Gabo. Memories of a magical life)

Pantoja, Óscar (text)
Bustos, Miguel / Córdoba, Tatiana /
Camargo, Felipe / Naranjo, Julián (illus.)
Bogotá: Rey Naranjo Ed., 2013. – 163 p.
(Series: PNK libros singulares)
ISBN 978-958-57313-2-5

García Márquez, Gabriel | Biography | Graphic novel

Numerous biographies have been published about Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014), Nobel Prize in Literature. This book, which appeared one year prior to the world-famous author’s passing, for the first time recounts the life of Gabo, as he was called in Latin America, in graphic novel form. It is an unusual, courageous publishing project in a country where Garcia Marquez is a national icon and where comic art has never been very important as a literary genre – in contrast, for instance, with Argentina.

The text and pictures of the four illustrators portray important milestones in Gabo’s life – for instance, his childhood and adolescent years in Aracataca, his marriage and his winning the Nobel Prize. These events are not shown in typical chronological sequence, however. Furthermore, his life and work are interwoven, with characters from his novel ≫One Hundred Years of Solitude≪ figuring in the account. These twists differentiate this unusual biography from comparable titles. (Age: 12+)