Spanish / Argentina

Por qué los elefantes prefieren jugar a la mancha
(Why elephants prefer playing tag)

Rocha, Silvina (text)
Mey (illus.)
Buenos Aires: Pequeño Ed., 2013. – [32] p.
(Series: Panzada de letras)
ISBN 978-987-1374-31-1

Hide-and-seek | Body size | Animal story

Hide-and-seek is understandably not elephant’s favourite game, since he has an obvious disadvantage: he is very big and very (!) easy to spot. While his playmates bee, mouse, and cat eff ortlessly slip into any kind of suitable hiding spot – a flower, a matchbox, a cutlery drawer, or a cardboard roll, for instance – poor elephant is still thinking hard: in the cupboard, under the table, in the oven, behind the curtain? None of those will work. No wonder he prefers to play tag!

In short, simple sentences, Silvina Rocha presents a very amusing story without a word too many. The text, which is largely composed of questions, invites readers to think along and share in the excitement. With her dynamic acrylic and marker pictures, Mey captures the pace of the story and the most exciting moments of the hide-and-seek game: the excitement in veryone’s
faces, having found an ingenious hiding spot, the fear of being found, the fun in outwitting one’s friends. (Age: 4+)