Spanish / Argentina

Los extrañamientos
(The defamiliarizations)

Blasco, Martín (text)
Gualicho (illus.)
Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 2013. – 139 p.
(Series: Juvenil. Desde 12 años)
ISBN 978-987-04-2870-1

Squatting | Poverty | Mother / Son | Diversity | Self-discovery

When his parents’ marriage falls apart and their financial situation becomes increasingly precarious, Martin and his mother – whom the boy describes as a punk and a hippie – move into a squatter’s house.

Readers join the first-person narrator on a journey through their new home, ≫la Casa≪. On the one hand, it is a concrete representation of a social reality and the housing situation in Argentina, while on the other hand, it is also a metaphor for heterogeneous diversity. People live on every floor, in every apartment, in every room, everyone with his or her own story, own experiences and an individual view of life. These others help Martin learn to develop his own personality by considering new perspectives that change his point of view and are ≫defamiliarizing≪. Art plays a role in this process as medium for approaching the world and changing it. In a realistic, credible, sensitive and humorous way, Martin Blasco draws the characters and the life into ≫la Casa≪. (Age: 12+)