Slovenian / Slovenia

Alica v Poteruniji. [Roman v stripu]
(Alice in Poterunia. [A graphic novel])

Flisar, Evald (text)
Kovačič, Pšena (illus.)
Ljubljana: KUD Sodobnost International, 2013. – 153 p.
(Series: Karjola)
ISBN 978-961-6564-69-4

Alice in Wonderland / Spin-off | Social critique | Environmental destruction | Resource scarcity | Dystopia | Comic

Evald Flisar, one of Slovenia’s best known authors, had great success in 2008 with his book for young adults titled ≫Alica v nori deželi≪ (Alice in Crazyland).

The novel describes the crude island world of Poterunia, where Alice and her uncle are stranded. In collaboration with Flisar, illustrator Pšena Kovačič (b. 1981) has now produced a graphic novel version, which despite its humour does shed new light on the dystopian and socially critical aspects of the story. Natural resources on Poterunia are scarce, and its inhabitants have no choice but to create everything from a clay material called poti: cars, furniture, houses, and so on. In the process they are digging up their own foundation, though: the island earth and its ecosystem. Breaking up objects no longer in use to create building material is not working. Alice and her scientist uncle are called on for help, and soon the two are embroiled in a game for power, competing interests, and the question of individual responsibility within a society. (Age: 11+)