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Zvëzdocka. Skazka dlja prodvinutych detišek i ich roditelej; [lošadka, kotoraja poët]
(Little Star. A story for clever children and their parents; [the pony that sings])

Soja, Anton (text) / Voroncov, Nikolaj (illus.)
Sankt-Peterburg: Akvarel‘, 2013. – 276 p.
ISBN 978-5-4453-0427-2

Talking animals | New media | Entertainment industry | Parody

A miniature pony named Little Star lives with other animals on the farm of ex-music mogul Beatloman. When a nearby lemonade factory, Chem-Cola, pours lemonade into the river the animals drink from, they all start to talk and fi nally make their wishes heard: Internet in the stable! Little Star soon discovers her singing talent and has a career in Moscow and on YouTube. The other characters in the story are just as sublime: the rapping monkey trio of Chim, Pan and Zee; the scruff y TV cat Miu Miu or Sju Sju, the fashion-victim poodle.

Nikolaj Voroncov and Anton Soja – known in Russia as Rockpoet and author of the best-seller ≫EmoBoy≪ (2008), respectively – spin this hilarious yarn, commenting on it en passant. Adults will be entertained by countless allusions to media culture and societal life, and children will love the story of the miniature horse – as proven by the fact that children awarded ≫Zvezdočka≪ the Book of the Year Prize for 2013. (Age: 7+)