Russian / Russia

Nachodilki. Guljaem i igraem – poznaëm mir
(Little discoveries. Strolling and playing – and encountering the world)

Dryzlova, Ksenija (text)
Surova, Zina (illus.)
Moskva: Izd. Mann, Ivanov i Ferber, 2014.
– 24 p.
ISBN 978-5-91657-898-0

City | Nature | Season | Activities book | Non-fiction

Quite unusual for the Russian market due to its layout, colour and overall design, this book is already moving from its fi rst edition printing in 2013 to its second in 2014. The interactive character of ≫Little discoveries≪ is very appealing.

Its creators, Ksenija Dryzlova and Zina Surova (b. 1982), animate their readers to search for objects, people, animals, plants, colours and shapes in their real-time, real-place surroundings. Divided according to season (summer and winter discoveries) or according to common environments (city, forest, sea, street), the book offers many suggestions for discovery. For instance, one is prompted to fi nd eight cars in the street that are the same colour, or to fi gure out when the street lamps come on in the winter. Readers (or, more appropriately, users) of this book can then note and otherwise mark their findings in little boxes next to the tasks and pictures. (Age: 3+)