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Moroženoe v vafel’nych stakancikach. Tri povesti
(Ice cream in waffle cones. Three stories)

Boteva, Marija (text)
Moskva: KompasGid, 2013. – 157 p.
ISBN 978-5-905876-54-7

Family | Self-discovery | Short story

This book is tricky! Stumbling over its phrasings and figures of speech, one can’t help but wonder what it’s really all about. In three very different stories, Marija Boteva (b. 1980) describes a) a foster family that sticks together, then breaks apart, b) self-discovery within the context of attending a new school, c) relations between boys and girls (and daughters and mothers).

Boteva is a skilfull storyteller – for example, one learns of the family’s crisis in an off-hand way: Father likes to ≫head off someplace≪. Another example: We only recognise the narrator’s emotional instability in the third story because of the discrepancy between her referring to her boyfriend as ≫just some person≪ and her repeating many phrases as if in displacement activity. There is a further layer, too, concerning the narrator’s closeness to her mother and her gradually distanciation. Three typical teenage crises – three unusual linguistic feats. (Age: 12+)