Russian / Russia

Telefonnye skazki Marindy i Mirandy
(Marinda’s and Miranda’s telephone fairy tales)

Borodickaja, Marina (text)
Tumaškova, Natal’ja (illus.)
Moskva: Samokat, 2014. – 62 p.
ISBN 978-5-91759-084-4

Mother | Fairy tale | Anecdote | Storytelling

Marinda and Miranda are two very different mothers who still share much in common. Both have two children, are single parents, and manage to balance household, work and life in general. Both also love to chatter on the phone not just to talk about their stressful days, but also to tell each other stories.

Marina Borodickaja, translator of the Russian edition of ≫The Gruffalo≪, counts as one of the most important (children’s) poets of her country. With this telephone fairy tale, she shows that she is also skilled at children’s prose. Her protagonists humorously describe yowling cats that cause thieves to turn on their heels, because they can’t ≫work≪ with such a racket; or a retired woman who talks to her household tools to keep them in order. Now and then a fairytale princess makes an appearance, but she is more of a rebel who would rather race off on her Harley than swoon over a prince. (Age: 5+)